Opalite Cats Eye Information

The name Cat's Eye Opalite comes from a chatoyant variety of Opal historically, and it represents the material's attribute that has chatoyancy. With chatoyancy, light is able to break through the inclusions that line up vertically which provides a bright strip spanning the the entire final piece.

The opal-version of the Cats Eye gemstone is found in nature in Tanzania, however, the demand for Cat's Eye styles has been increasing globally. Whether its Cats Eye quartz, crystal, gems or stones, we have all you need to know about this unique style of jewelry.

Cat's Eye Stone

Cat's Eye Stone comes in a variety of colors, including yellow, red, white, and black. It's called Opalite Cats Eye, and it has been used for centuries to stimulate creativity and imagination. It's well-documented that Cat's Eye was first discovered in 1789, and it became popular as an engagement ring in the late 1800s.

Gemstones of this variety are highly-valuable, whether polished or unpolished. The structure is appealing as light shines through with the play of color displayed.

On Play of Color

Because light enters through the gaps between the silica spheres of the material, the light will travel through the material's color regions. When the light passes through, it is bent to fit through the gap, which splits the beam into its hues. The orderly fashion of the sparkles of light gives opals, like blue cats eye opal, its unique shine which isn't present in opalite.

Cat's Eye Opal Meaning

Cat's Eye is believed to protect us against danger by warding off the evil spirits that people believe lurk in every corner of the world. They also serve as a talisman to ward off unanticipated tragedy. Below are some of the common questions about the meaning per piece.

What is a Cat's Eye bracelet meaning?

A bracelet with Cat's Eye gives you a layer of protection in the spiritual realm while also providing a stylish look. With a bracelet that has Cat's Eye, you'll be empowered with an extra layer of assurance while also inspiring people with your new look along the way.

Is purple Cats Eye stone meaning significant?

A Cats Eye stone can appear purple-red under incandescent light, but its not a natural hue for this type of stone.

Cat's Eye stones are said to help in the development of clairvoyance - the ability to see beyond the normal physical sight. This may be seeing events which will happen in the future, or "seeing" people and places which are separated from us by distance.

What is red Cats Eye stone meaning?

Red is associated with passion, and red Cat's eye opal has become widely popular in recent years. With Red Cat's Eye, you can be prepared to receive the overall properties that come from the gem in a fashionable red-look.

Opal Cat's Eye Benefits

Cats Eye is a stone of good luck and fortune. It is said to bring harmony to the wearer and to those around them.

Some of the benefits that have been associated with Cat's Eye include:

  • Aids in creativity

  • Focuses the mind

  • Wards off evil spirits

  • Stimulates imagination

  • Aids in decision making

  • Dispels negative energy

  • Protects against danger

  • Attracts good luck and fortune

  • Encourages one to follow their dreams

  • Helps with the development of clairvoyance

How to use Cat's Eye Opal?

Cat's Eye is a versatile stone that can be used in many different ways. It can be worn as jewelry, placed in an environment, or used in meditation.

When using Cat's Eye for meditation, it is recommended to hold the stone in your non-dominant hand. This will allow you to receive the full benefits of the stone without having to worry about holding it too tightly.

Cats Eye Opal Price

The price of Cat's Eye Opal can vary depending on the quality, size, and color of the stone. Generally, stones that are larger in size and have a higher quality will be more expensive. However, Cat's Eye Opal is relatively affordable compared to other gemstones.